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Childproof Your Home for Summer

With summer right around the corner and kids spending more of their time at home, finding ways to improve indoor and outdoor safety is a priority for most parents. According to the Canadian Pediatric Society, unintentional injury is the leading cause of death for children, and accidental falls are the principle source of hospitalization for youths up to age 19.

Glass Doctor® of Saskatoon recognizes that keeping your children safe during summer activities is an important task. These practical tips and glass treatment options will assist your efforts to ensure that your kids stay safe this summer.

Indoor Safety

It’s not always possible to play outdoors. Rainy days during the summer mean that your kids will naturally look for ways to release their pent-up energy inside.

To prevent accidents and falls from turning into an emergency room visit, consider these effective safety tips:

Tempered Glass

According to the Harvard Gazette, using tempered glass in your home has the potential to reduce up to 20,000 injuries per year. Since serious injuries result when children sit, fall, or accidentally knock over glass tables and are exposed to jagged, fragmented glass shards, refitting your home with tempered glass solves this problem.

How it Works

Tempering is a glass treatment that refers to a specific heating or chemical process used to strengthen glass. The glass piece is thoroughly heated, and then controlled pressure cooling (called “quenching”) is directed onto the surface of the glass, generating tension inside. The instant compression created on the surface prevents the glass from fragmenting when broken. Rather, it breaks into small safe chunks.

Clear Choice™ Protectant

Keep your glass surfaces cleaner, longer with an application of our Clear Choice protectant. Appropriate for all silica-based items, such as granite, porcelain, and glass, this glass treatment discourages mold and bacteria growth, keeping your home germ-free.

A single treatment protects for up to five years, maintaining the sparkling clarity of your surfaces while preventing hard water stains, mineral deposits, and age discolorations.

Our custom tempered glass service and Clear Choice Protectant is available for any glass product in your home or office. Applications include:

  • Cabinet door glass
  • Glass dining room tables, phone desks, and coffee tables
  • Bathroom shower doors, tub enclosures, and porcelain items
  • Sliding patio doors and glass entryways
  • Glass shelving units

Additional Resources

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Our skilled professionals perform glass treatment and custom glass services according to your schedule. Contact Glass Doctor of Saskatoon to arrange for your free home safety consultation today.