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Auto Glass Care

Almost every driver will, at one time or another, experience an incident that causes windshield damage. When it happens to you, remember that Glass Doctor® of Saskatoon provides professional auto glass repair and replacement services regularly to local area residents and business owners.

Auto glass repair represents one of our most frequently called for specialties. If you've been the victim of a small, flying rock that's caused a chip or crack in your windshield, don't despair. With certain exceptions, we will usually fix a chip or small crack less than three inches long in about an hour. You can bring your car in to us or we can come out to your location and conveniently repair your vehicle.

The Importance of Your Windshield

It's important to take care of any windshield damage you've suffered by seeking professional windshield repair as soon as possible after the incident occurs. When the integrity of your vehicle’s windshield becomes compromised, the vehicle becomes unsafe. Experts estimate that a vehicle’s windshield accounts for nearly half of the car's architectural strength during a head-on collision and approximately 60% during a rollover incident. Even a small crack can sufficiently weaken the entire glass structure; significantly reducing the windshield's strength.

In every case, we'll try to save a windshield by repairing it if at all possible, fixing chips and cracks with a strong, clear bond. However, if the chip or crack is in the driver's line-of-sight, replacement will be recommended. The same is true in cases where a crack has started to spread, or "spider," or if it's in close proximity to the windshield's edge.

Benefits of Auto Glass Repair

Glass Doctor of Saskatoon prefers repair over replacement whenever possible because:

  • It's less expensive
  • It's faster and easier
  • The original manufacturer's seal stays intact

The insurance company often pays for windshield repair, as they'd rather absorb a small deductible amount than have to pay the full cost of a windshield replacement.

We will always repair rather than replace a vehicle windshield whenever possible, following the best industry practices as set out by the Auto Glass Safety Council™ (AGSC). The process is quick and easy and we'll even submit the necessary insurance claim paperwork to your insurance company for you.

Auto Glass Replacement

Glass Doctor of Saskatoon will replace any broken glass on any make and model of car, truck or SUV. This includes front and back windshields, sunroofs, passenger and other side windows and mirrors. Most glass on automobiles is tempered, safety glass, with the exception of the front windshield, which is typically laminated glass. Since tempered glass is designed to break into small pieces upon impact, preventing the formation of dangerously sharp shards of glass, it cannot be repaired, and must be replaced when damaged.

If your front windshield must be replaced, we use only original equipment manufacturer (OEM) quality glass and industry-approved adhesives. You can rest assured that your windshield will be returned to its original strength and integrity. We're also able to deal with specialty windshields such as those containing a radio antenna, temperature gauges or various built-in sensors.

G12® Windshield Road Hazard Guarantee

Auto windshield replacements completed by Glass Doctor of Saskatoon include a 12-month guarantee, G12 Windshield Road Hazard Guarantee, which provides free replacement if the windshield is damaged as a result of the most common road hazards. Certain restrictions apply.

For more information or questions about any of these auto glass repair or replacement services, contact Glass Doctor of Saskatoon today or schedule an appointment online!