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Sarnia / Lambton County

Window Allergies

woman suffering from allergens with windows

Every year, the beauty of spring lightens our hearts but brings on aggravating seasonal allergies. You can't avoid going outdoors, but you can reduce the levels of irritating pollen and allergens with Glass Doctor® of Sarnia/Lambton County double pane windows. The Mayo Clinic offers several tips for allergy-proofing your home, one recommendation is to close windows and rely on air conditioning. Most importantly, the clinic recommends installing double pane windows to reduce mould and pollen in your home.

Double Pane Windows

During a free, in-home assessment, Glass Doctor of Sarnia/Lambton County professionals will examine your windows for energy and air leaks. To lessen allergy suffering, we'll install insulated glass units (IGUs) that will reduce the presence of mould and pollen.

Mould and Mildew

One of the most obvious signs of energy loss is condensation on the interior of your glass panes, usually near corners. Careful energy consumption and its conservation is not only important for the environment; it will save money. The very construction of double pane windows represses mould and mildew before it begins to grow.

Seasonal Allergens

Pollen from grass, trees, flowers and weeds are abundant in spring, and these airborne culprits are the main causes of most spring allergies. Spring allergens cause sufferers symptoms of sneezing, trouble breathing, and itchy and runny eyes. Closing your windows won't help if you don't have well-sealed, double pane windows. Broken seals allow heating and cooling air to escape outside your home and office, allowing irritating allergens inside.

Stop Suffering Today

We recommend double pane windows for our neighbours and friends in Arkona, Brigden, Inwood and surrounding Lambden County areas because safety is always our primary concern. Glass Doctor of Sarnia/Lambton County professionals have the training and experience which will save you money on heating and cooling costs while providing the necessary level of comfort and safety needed for your property and loved ones. Call 519-337-6086 or contact us today to schedule your free, onsite consultation.

Cities We Service

Alvinston, Arkona, Brigden, Brights Grove, Camlachie, Corunna, Courtright, Florence, Forest, Inwood, Mooretown, Morpeth, Oil City, Oil Springs, Petrolia, Point Edward, Port Franks, Port Lambton, Ravenswood, Sarnia, Sombra, Thedford, Wallaceburg, Watford, Wilkesport, Wyoming

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