Spruce Up Your Home for the Upcoming Holiday Season

Autumn in Sarnia is all about crisp, sunlit days and cool, starlit nights. It’s also the perfect time to take care of home improvement and decorating projects that'll help you prepare for the holiday season. Here at Glass Doctor® of Sarnia / Lambton County, we’ve put together a few ideas we can help you accomplish before the end-of-year hustle and bustle begins. And they’ll leave you plenty of time to still enjoy fall.

Welcome to Our Home!

Create a more inviting space for friends and family by adding some custom glass solutions to your home’s décor. Custom mirrors are a beautiful and stylish addition to any room and offer more than function alone. Strategically placed, they visually enlarge a space and complement the room with natural light. Decorative mirrors act as indoor windows, reflecting beautiful views and creating special effects. And you can apply a lot of custom glass options, including unique tints, finishes, shapes and edges.

Make Working at Home More Enjoyable

Whether your home office is a separate space designated for running a business, or simply a nook for paying bills and organizing family life, give it a functional yet attractive look with a custom cut glass tabletop and glass shelving. Nothing increases productivity like a well-ordered area to work in. And nothing protects furniture better than glass. Use it to let the natural beauty of your work desk shine through. Or use a custom cut and edged piece of glass as a stand-alone desktop on an attractive and/or functional base like filing cabinets. Did you know that glass tabletops can be drilled to accommodate lamp and electronics cords?

Custom glass shelving is the perfect choice for holding attractive folder boxes, and displaying photographs or awards. Glass shelves also make the room they’re in appear lighter and larger. They work in any décor style from modern to traditional. They’re also easy to clean and easily install on walls, in cabinets, or even inside windows.

Baby, It’s Cold Outside

No other material surface in your home loses more heat in the winter than its windows. Why not give your HVAC system a break – and reduce your utility costs – by replacing your old, inefficient windows with new double pane ones? Using today’s sophisticated technology, they increase every window’s insulation and energy efficiency. Double pane windows also solve the cold season condensation issues that come with single pane windows. An added bonus: they’re perfect for blocking out noise.

There’s no better time than right now to contact Glass Doctor of Sarnia / Lambton County for all your glass care needs. We’ll show you just how simple it is to update your home before Old Man Winter comes to town.