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Pane Improvements on a Large Scale

For businesses such as hotels and hospitals, adding “extras” to your windows makes a big difference in the experience your guests will have and increases their satisfaction with your company. For example, views are extremely important to hotel guests, according to a social media analysis of Twitter conversations about hotel experiences. It’s one of the first things guests notice, and many tweets not only mentioned the view but also included a photo. Large glass windows or balconies help make rooms, as well as lobbies and atriums, much more appealing.

Pane improvements also result in significant energy savings and reduced costs for your business. Glass Doctor® of Sarnia suggest the following ways to upgrade your business with improved windows:

Window Film

Temperature issues rank among the top three complaints from hotel guests. A room that has sun glare and is too hot or too cold is capable of turning your guests’ visit into one that’s uncomfortable and unpleasant – and they won’t hesitate to share this experience online. Window film increases energy efficiency, resulting in rooms that are more comfortable but will also have substantial savings for your energy costs, month after month. It can be installed on new windows or retro-fitted to your existing windows.

Window Tint

Window tint also increases energy efficiency and comfort for hotel guests, particularly in windows that face strong, direct sunlight. In addition, they add an increased level of privacy when needed. For example, window tint in hospital rooms and testing areas let your patients see outside, allowing some natural light in while keeping passersby from seeing inside. It makes hospital rooms more comfortable and restful for patients, and since these facilities must remain open 24/7, tinting results in a significant reduction in a hospital’s energy costs. As with window film, window tint may be added to new windows or to ones that have already been installed.

Low-E Windows

Low-emissivity (Low-E) windows make hotels, hospitals, and other buildings more comfortable by reducing the glare caused by the sun’s UV rays. Their special coating allows plenty of natural light to enter your building while helping reduce energy costs. Low-E windows also protect your facilities’ window treatments, flooring, artwork, and other furnishings from sun-related fading, so they’ll retain a better appearance and need replacing less often.

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