Best Upgrades for Selling your Home

The results are in and no one is surprised: April 2016, Huffington Post revealed that homes listed between May 1 – May 15 sold about 18.5 days faster than homes listed during other timeframes. Glass Doctor® of Sarnia / Lambdon County has several ideas to make your house buyer-friendly if you’re thinking about selling this year as well as some upgrades to look for or make in your new home. For example, double pane windows have several economic and health advantages for you and your family. Not only do they minimize heating and cooling loss, they can protect you and your family against bothersome annual Canadian allergens.

Curb Appeal

First appearances are important, so putting the best possible face on the front of your property is critical. “Window replacement is one of the best remodeling projects in term of investment return,” says houselogic. Glass Doctor of Sarnia / Lambdon County can preserve the integrity of your older home’s historic appeal by offering several window pane options. Double pane windows are energy-efficient and can include low-emissivity options to reduce UV rays that damage carpeting, furnishings (and people).

Interior Design

Staging your home for sale is all about light; that’s why you open every shutter and curtain possible. If it’s a temperate spring day, you’ll open the windows in an effort to bring nature inside the home. In addition to double pane windows for beauty, energy efficiency, and lower heating and cooling costs, the Glass Doctor of Sarnia / Lambdon County team includes interior decor specialists who can show you ways to maximize available light and space with glass and mirrors throughout the home. Some upgrades that could captivate potential buyers include shower doors that look expensive but are actually affordable.

Protect Your Investment

Whether you’re selling or buying property this year, your real estate is most likely your largest asset. It makes sense to preserve and protect that investment by keeping it as attractive and sustainable as possible. Double pane windows are just one energy-saving fix for older home renovation and new home construction.

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