Auto Glass Safety and Why You Should Care

Making sure your vehicle is in top condition begins with caring for its panes. Whether you’re driving home from hospital with a new baby or letting your kid take the car out for a spin, the best way to ensure your family’s safety is with a good first line of defense in the panes. With auto glass care from Glass Doctor® of Sarnia/Lambton County, we will make this a reality.


Windshields consist of two pieces of glass separated by a thin layer of vinyl. These are laminated together in an autoclave (a type of oven), which applies heat and pressure. The structure means that if any small objects make contact with your windshield, only the outer layer is at risk of breaking. Plus, although larger projectiles may cause the entire piece to shatter, the glass will remain in place, stuck to the vinyl.

If your windshield suffers slight damage, it is best to receive attention as soon as possible. We repair small cracks with resin, leaving a barely visible mark. However, we are only able to repair new damage, as chips left for a long time gather dirt and become too difficult to clean.

For severe damage, rely on Glass Doctor of Sarnia/Lambton County for a windshield replacement. Our specialists follow industry best practices, applying only Auto Glass Safety Council-approved adhesives and waiting the recommended one hour before we allow clients to drive away. You will also receive our G12® Road Hazard Guarantee for free replacement glass should you suffer from another breakage in the next 12 months.

Side and Rear Windows

Most of your other auto glass is tempered, made in a process that involves heating the glass to more than 590° C and then cooling it immediately. Not only is tempered glass much stronger than regular glass at the same thickness, it is also shatterproof. Under impact, this means it will break into large pieces instead of shards, which is safer for you and other occupants in your car. Our specialists replace windows, sunroofs, quarter glass, back windshields, and all other tempered glass.

Stay safe in your car and keep your family safe by paying attention to the glass. Contact Glass Doctor of Sarnia/Lambton County for more information about our auto glass care services.