National Accounts Program

The glass windows and doors on your business location play a huge role in your company’s image, and it’s absolutely vital to ensure they are kept in the very best condition at all times. Glass Doctor® of Sarasota offers customers the opportunity to safeguard their business by inviting them to become involved in our exclusive National Accounts program. Designed specifically to ensure business owners are able to remain completely covered at all times, the National Accounts program offers the kind of glass support that every company needs.

Aside from providing you with constant cover from the best glass repair team in the business, becoming an exclusive National Accounts customer also entitles you a diverse range of exciting benefits, including:

Discounted Prices: Every National Accounts customer is eligible for a variety of discounted prices and cut costs, which deliver anywhere between 10% to 30% savings.

Priority Response Times: As a National Accounts customer, Glass Doctor of Sarasota will permanently put you at the top of the service list, making you our first priority whenever you call. It’s essential for business owners to experience fast response times, as damaged glass has the potential to slow your business as well as appearing unsightly to clients.

‘Round The Clock Emergency Services: Glass has the potential to break at any time, and our team operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week to ensure that your company location is patched up the day damage occurs. Not only is damaged glass unsightly, but it also poses a safety hazard for employees and guests. Call Glass Doctor of Sarasota and our glass specialists will repair your panes quickly, efficiently and professionally so that no one ends up getting hurt and you’re able to get back to work as normal.

Standard Pricing: Glass Doctor operates in more than 260 different locations across the United States and Canada. By becoming a National Accounts member, you’ll become eligible for nationwide standard pricing, which provides customers with the same rates no matter which Glass Doctor location with which they work.

Professional Accounts Management: At Glass Doctor of Sarasota we care about the ease of our customers' experience, and through the National Accounts program we offer every single one of them the opportunity to keep their finances neat and tidy. Our accounts team is able to present you with up to date invoices, accurate price estimates, billing information and financial support so that you’re able to remain in control of your expenses at all times.

Central Dispatch and Billing Location: Regardless of where you are positioned in the country, our centralized dispatch and billing address remains the same for every single one of the Glass Doctor locations, simplifying national care for all our customers. A toll-free 800 number also allows you to contact us free of charge at any time.

Dedicated Personal Management: As a National Accounts customer, you’ll receive personal and highly professional account management.

To take advantage of the terrific perks of being an exclusive National Accounts customer, simply contact one of our customer representatives at 941-256-2801 today. Our team will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about the program, and discuss the ways in which you’ll be able to use your membership incentives to aid your company. For business glass repair accounts that offer you the ability to protect and develop your location, contact Glass Doctor of Sarasota today.