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Clear Choice Protectant

At Glass Doctor® of Ronkonkoma, we want your custom glass to last as long as possible. We also want you to enjoy your upgraded surfaces without the hassle of constant scrubbing, polishing and wiping. After you transform your bathroom with custom glass, consider a coat of Clear Choice™ to minimize your maintenance requirements and maximize the appearance, durability and hygiene of your new surfaces.

Clear Choice is our patented glass treatment for shower doors, tub enclosures, mirrors and other surfaces that need protection from daily wear and tear. Just one coat will enhance your space for up to five years, creating a glossy and high-tech shield that gives you a variety of benefits.

The Benefits of Protection

Prevent Stains and Scratches

Our glass treatment will increase the durability of all your surfaces, making it easier to resist or reduce the effects of daily wear and tear. Clear Choice coats your glass to prevent oil and water from sticking to the surface, and it also prevents the following types of long-term damage:

  • Hard water etching
  • Erosion due to chemicals or pollutants
  • Mineral deposits
  • Stains from waste, dyes, makeup and more
  • Surface scratches
  • Soap scum residue
  • Dents and chips due to impact

Spend Less Time Cleaning

Clear Choice enhances the shine of your new bathroom surfaces and gives you more time to enjoy it. This protectant repels oil and water, so you only need to wipe down your surfaces to maintain their smooth, reflective finish. Spend less time scrubbing the tiles and more time sinking into the tub, and your bathroom transformation will truly be complete.

Prolong the Life of Your Surfaces

Glass isn't the only surface sensitive to the effects of hard water, moisture, heat or oil. Granite, porcelain, tile, ceramic and other silica-based materials are also vulnerable to etching, fading and buildup. Fortunately, Clear Choice works to protect these surfaces too. Over time, this protective shield prevents residue and pollutants from damaging your surfaces.

Avoid Mold Growth and Odors

Complete your bathroom transformation with a finishing touch that will upgrade your hygiene and health. Clear Choice acts as a barrier between your bathroom glass and the bacteria, germs, oils and moisture that tend to build up on unprotected surfaces. Without this shield in place, your surfaces could become breeding grounds for mold, mildew and other household hazards. Protect your glass to prevent ugly buildup, foul odors and even allergic reactions.

Rely on Our Expertise

Call 631-619-6711 to learn more about Clear Choice and our other glass treatment options at Glass Doctor of Ronkonkoma. We want your glass to last, and we encourage you to invest in this single-application solution for years of superior surfaces.