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Storefront Doors

A well-designed storefront is an asset to your business. It frames your displays in a way that catches the eye, informs customers of important information and it invites people into your building. When the glass in your storefront becomes dingy or damaged, this asset becomes a detriment, leaving your customers with a negative first impression of your business. Glass Doctor® of Rockville, MD, offers full-service storefront glass care that ensures your glass looks its best.

Quality Storefront Repair Services

Repair is a core element of storefront glass care. You do not want to worry about losing customers or sales because of a broken storefront, nor do you want to suffer sleepless nights concerned that a broken window will allow thieves into your store. Glass Doctor of Rockville, MD, offers 24/7 emergency storefront glass care to our commercial clients. We understand that glass emergencies rarely happen during regular business hours, so we stand ready to serve when you need us the most. Our service includes a clean-up of the site and the replacement of your broken glass. If we are unable to complete the work in a single visit, we will board up the window and work with you to find the best time to complete the installation.

Security Features

The glass from Glass Doctor of Rockville, MD, contains industry leading safety features that protect your customers and your business. During the design process, you may choose to upgrade your panes. We offer a variety of glass options, including:

  • Bulletproof glass: This glass is ideal for protecting employees or sensitive areas of your store.
  • Fire-resistance: Fire-resistant glass can stop the spread of fire from another store into your business.
  • Weather rated and hurricane-impact glass: Storm damage to windows not only opens the store to thieves, it also allows wind and water damage to destroy the interior of your building. This glass is rated for the most extreme weather conditions your store will face.
  • Security film: The security films serves two purposes. First, if the pane is broken, the glass will stick to the film. This makes the dangers of sharp shards on your floors irrelevant. Second, the film is difficult to break and acts as a deterrent for would-be thieves and vandals.

Door Design

Your door design is one of the first aspects of your business people notice. The door should reflect the personality of your business and provide customers with information, such as hours of operation and contact information. The Glass Doctor of Rockville, MD, team will design a door for your business that stands out from the crowd with an imprint of your logo and all of the essential information.

Our glass specialists will install, repair or replace your custom door glass, but our services don't end there. We are happy to provide expert advice regarding custom glass decor and door closer maintenance. Contact our team today to schedule an in-store consultation. We look forward to upgrading your storefront.