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Potomac’s Local Glass Repair Service

Glass Doctor of Rockville

Damaged glass is unsightly, dangerous and difficult to clean up. Glass Doctor® of Rockville, MD, will repair, restore or replace your home, auto or business' glass, regardless of what type of glass is broken or how extensive the damage is to the pane. Customers who join our Advantage Plan® program enjoy a breakage guarantee for the lifetime of their membership.

If you would like to upgrade you home or office with some custom decor, we can guide you through the entire design process and then install the fixture for you. We extend our glass services to all of Potomac and the rest of Montgomery County in Maryland. With our team, your options for glass services are limitless.

Home Glass Services

Broken windows, glass doors, tabletops and mirrors create messes, put your property at risk and make your home less aesthetically appealing. You need your Potomac home properly repaired with a high quality glass. Our specialists provide emergency glass services to ensure your family's comfort and safety, no matter the hour or day of the week.

If you want to upgrade your home's decor, then you shouldn't settle for cookie-cutter pieces. Customize your decor to suit your home's design and your own personal style. The Glass Doctor of Rockville team has the expertise and skill to help you perfect your home's design with the right glass decor.

Auto Glass Services

Damaged glass in your vehicle is dangerous, because it impedes your vision and causes structural issues throughout your vehicle. If your vehicle's glass has been damaged in any way, we will first determine whether or not repair is possible. If it is, we will fix it; if not, we will replace the broken glass with an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) quality solution.

Business Glass Services

As a business leader, you want to maximize the security of your Potomac company while maintaining as much aesthetic beauty as possible. Our experienced glass specialists will install a special security film on your property to deter criminals, while still keeping your panes looking great. Also, when you join our business specific programs, we'll prepare your business for disaster and still provide expert care for the everyday glass situations. 

Don't leave your glass in the hands of an untrained novice. Contact Glass Doctor of Rockville, MD, in Potomac to connect with a team of trained specialists ready to serve your home, auto and business glass needs.