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Door Closer Repair Service

The customer's experience begins the moment they enter your building. The entryway plays a role in their initial assessment of your business. Customers are prone to notice the quality of your front door. Make a good first impression with an easy to operate and beautiful door. Glass Doctor® of Rockville, MD, provides door closer care services to ensure your door opens and closes smoothly.

How Door Closers Work

A manual door closer helps users open the door and shuts the door behind the user. When a door closer is properly installed, users feel some resistance as the door is opened. The resistance gives the user an idea of its weight. After that initial resistance, the door glides open smoothly. When the door is released, a spring in the door closer causes the mechanism's arm to gently guide the door back to its frame.

Common Door Closer Problems

Correcting major and minor door closer issues is a Glass Doctor of Rockville, MD, specialty. We are able to identify common issues, which often leads to door closer repair.

Incorrect door closers: A heavy door requires a sturdy door closer with strong springs. If your door closer isn't sturdy enough for your door, there can be severe safety risks to the users. Over time, you may also see misalignments and damage to the door or its closer.

Improper care: Our trained specialists always use the correct tools to perform door closer care and installation. This keeps your door closer in proper condition and will help it last a long time. Always have a properly trained professional perform door closer care and spring adjustment to prevent misalignments, damage to the door frame or abnormal motion of the door.

Low oil levels and broken seals: If your door closer has a broken seal, this leaves hardware open, exposes clearance gaps and may cause oil leaks over time. Oil leaks usually indicate a mechanical problem, such as a failed seal, a missing screw or a broken O-ring. You should always have a trained professional replace your door closer's oil. Too much oil will cause your door to close or open too quickly, which can damage the door or even harm its user.

Difficult to lock doors: If your door is hard to lock, this is obviously a serious security risk. This can also damage the locking mechanism, the doorframe and the door closer. If you have trouble locking your door, call for one of our trained professionals to service your door immediately.

Door Closer Care Services

Don't void your door closer's warranty by servicing it yourself. Our specialists receive extensive training in door closer care, installation and repair. We'll make sure your door closer is safe to use. We are able to care for every aspect of your door, including the door frame, hinges, threshold and glass. Contact Glass Doctor of Rockville for quality glass and door closer service. We'll improve your business with our exceptional service.