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Rock Valley, IA

National Accounts Program

Business owners and managers are necessarily engaged in building their businesses and keeping their clients happy. A National Accounts program with Glass Doctor® of Northwest Iowa in Sioux Center can help relieve some of that strain. Here are just some of the benefits that you will receive with one of these contracts:

Centralized Dispatching and Simple Billing - Glass Doctor of Northwest Iowa and its affiliated companies provide a dedicated, toll-free 800 number and a single billing address to your business. In other words, no matter which of our more than 250 locations you use, you will receive a consolidated bill. In addition, you have the option to call or e-mail any work order requests. In short, it is the easiest way to manage your glass repair and replacement needs on a local level with nationwide advantages.

Standardized Pricing - This pricing applies to both commercial and individual services that are requested from any covered commercial site. You can therefore bring your personal vehicle to your job location, have us work on it and still get the best pricing available - typically 10%-30% off our regular low pricing. You and your employees - as well as some of your more valued customers! - can all share in this benefit.

Priority Response - Glass Doctor of Northwest Iowa recognizes the fact that successful businesses must constantly meet the needs of their customers and that excuses just don't cut it. For this reason, we place a higher priority on the needs of our national accounts customers since it affects far more people than just an individual call. Just tell us your needs and we will reconfigure our schedule to meet your demands. In short, we are here to serve you just as you are there to serve your customers.

24/7 Emergency Service - All the Glass Doctor affiliates provide service on an as-needed basis. For national accounts customers, this fact means that they can call us anytime of the day or night, weekends and holidays, and expect to receive a prompt response to their call for service. Whether, the glass on your storefront has been vandalized or your car windshield was damaged by a stray piece of debris, in most cases, our mobile glass specialists can be there within the hour to make a repair. Trust us to be there where you need us, when you need us.

Real-Time Reporting - For the managers of you out there, the Glass Doctor offers online, real time reporting. You or your staff can easily stay up-to-date on all work requests and their status. You can also examine all actual invoices - paid or due - as well as any and all pertinent information about your account.

For more information about our national business repair accounts in the Northwest Iowa area or anywhere else in the United States, please contact us at the Glass Doctor of Northwest Iowa in Sioux Center.