Emergency Business Glass Services

We at Glass Doctor® of Reno know how important it is for you to maintain the security of your business. If you have windows or broken glass in the doors of your business due to theft, vandalism, weather damage or for any other reason, we can provide you with an emergency response team to quickly remedy the problem.

Emergency Business Glass Repair

Glass Doctor of Reno is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for emergency service requests. We provide emergency board-up for the damaged area and measuring services to quickly replace broken glass.

Advance Measurement System

One of the offerings of our emergency business glass repair is the option to enroll in the Advance Measurement System.With this protection, our team of specialists creates a customized diagram of your business that identifies your glass needs. If you ever find yourself in an emergency situation in which your broken glass could adversely affect your business, contact the specialists at Glass Doctor of Reno immediately. You simply report the number of the affected area that is included on the diagram. With this information, our team can match the size and type of window with an in-stock option and replace the window in one visit. This method saves you time, money and the need to add unattractive boards to the damaged area. You also save time by having your information verified before you ever need assistance.

Lengthier repair times can cost you money in lost business while you tend to the security breach. It can also increase your potential liability if you allow customers in the business with a known defect on the premises. Contact Glass Doctor of Reno today to enroll in the Advance Measurement system in order to protect your business.

Commercial Care

Another program we offer is Commercial Care. This emergency business glass repair program provides you with priority service after hours. We set up a commercial account for you in which you have access to experienced specialists who are committed to providing prompt and quality service. With enrollment, you also receive special membership pricing on any work that we perform for you and discounts on emergency board-up services.

Other Services

Once you become familiar with our business and our commitment to always exceed our customers' expectations, you may wonder about other services that we provide. We offer free, no-obligation consultations with our clients to discuss how to improve the aesthetics of your business and increase its value. We can repair or replace windows and door inserts. We can also customize tabletops, mirrors and other glass surfaces. Call Glass Doctor of Reno to schedule your consultation today.