Auto Glass & Windshield Care

It always starts small, but a crack in your windshield quickly grows into a large problem. For the quickest and most economical auto glass care and repair in the area, contact Glass Doctor® of Reno.

Windshield Care

Your windshield is important because it accounts for a minimum of 45% of the structural integrity of your vehicle in a front-end collision and up to 60% in a rollover accident. Fortunately, insurance typically covers these types of auto glass repairs, and Glass Doctor of Reno will complete the work in about an hour. Best of all, we handle all of the paperwork your insurance company requires.

Today, the technology in windshield glass has grown to include rain and humidity sensors, temperature gauges and radio antennas. Each time when we perform any type of auto glass care, we keep all of these features in mind. If your windshield requires replacement, we guarantee to restore it to its original clarity and structural integrity. In addition, we perform all auto glass repair or replacements through approved Auto Glass Safety Council™ methods. Jacksonville residents trust Glass Doctor of Reno to help them see the road more clearly.

Auto Glass Replacement

Vehicles use tempered glass for enhanced safety. Different from laminated windshield glass, tempered glass breaks into safe smaller chunks when impacted instead of more harmful shards, which results in injuries. The specialists at Glass Doctor of Reno can quickly replace your tempered glass when repair isn't an option. Tempered glass is commonly used for:

  • Back Windshields
  • Sunroofs
  • Rear Passenger Windows
  • Side Windows

Our specialists will also provide an accurate and professional consultation on grading to laminate panes.

Auto Glass Protection

Each windshield replaced by Glass Doctor of Reno includes our standard Windshield Protection Plan, which provides protection if your windshield is damaged within 12-months of the auto glass repair. For an additional cost, you can upgrade to the Full-Service Plan, which includes new windshield wipers, labor costs and Clear Choice protectant glass treatment. Clear Choice makes your glass resistant to stains, water and even scratches, while protecting it from environmental pollutants, mineral deposits and weathering. Clear Choice reduces glare and helps you retain your ability to see the road more clearly even in sleet or rain. Clear Choice is the solution for a better driving experience.

All our specialists work to AGSC standards, providing you with a safe and high-quality service. Contact us at Glass Doctor of Reno for more information.