Advance Measurement System

When you are creating a disaster recovery plan for your business, don't overlook glass care. Without a plan in place, you will spend unnecessary hours with broken panes. Glass Doctor® of Reno offers a fast and efficient way to make sure your glass is covered. Take the frustration out of repairing and replacing your windows, glass doors and other glass fixtures.

Proactive Glass Care

Being ready for disaster, or even a minor inconvenience such as a single broken window, means taking the time to prepare a plan before you need it. When you enroll in our Advance Measurement system, a glass specialist will travel to your building to carefully measure and map out each window, door and fixture on the premises.

Detailed notes on the type and style of glass will be taken, and any safety or code requirements will be noted as well. Then, a labeled diagram will be created so you are able to easily reference your building's glass.

Efficient Emergency Repairs

When you need a glass repair specialist, simply contact the experts at Glass Doctor of Reno and provide the number of the glass unit that is damaged. We'll match your request with our in-stock panes and dispatch a repair team immediately, even in the middle of the night or on weekends.

If we have the glass in stock, we'll make a complete replacement on the spot. Otherwise, we'll secure the area with plywood and clean up any broken glass and debris. A rush order for your glass will be placed, and a return appointment will be made before we leave.

Faster Glass Repair

For the fastest glass replacement, try our In-Stock option for businesses. When you choose this proactive glass care option, we will pre-order your glass and store it for you until you need it. This is especially useful for unusual shapes, specialty glass or other uncommon glass choices. This program guarantees you'll never have to wait for a glass shipment.

Expedite our services further by establishing a credit account when you sign up for the Advance Measurement system. When you combine our proactive glass care measures, you'll enjoy one-call emergency glass repair and replacement.

Free, No Obligation Consultation

To learn more about the Advance Measurement system, or any of our other proactive glass care programs, call or schedule an appointment online with Glass Doctor of Reno today!