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Industry Glass Solutions

Glass Doctor® of Regina delivers professional glass repair and replacement service for commercial property owners. Our dedicated glass experts have the tools, knowledge and expertise to conduct emergency commercial glass repair. Every service we perform is designed to limit the frustration, liability and inconvenience associated with broken windows, storefronts and specialty glass. Regardless of the type of facility you operate, we have the skills required to simplify your property restoration.

High Traffic Solutions

Retail and restaurant establishments depend on attracting and serving a steady stream of customers. When glass breakage occurs, the subsequent boarding and containment of the area is unsightly and dangerous. While you are waiting for replacement materials to arrive, your sales suffer. Moreover, if your property is designed to provide over-night accommodations, units with glass damage are unusable.

Our specialists conduct emergency commercial glass repair using industry best practices to minimize the disruption. Commercial account holders enjoy priority response, discounted costs, and our Advanced Measurement system and In-Stock options limit construction dangers to your customers.

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Specialized Glass Repair

Our experts provide emergency commercial glass repair for variety of interior and exterior glass applications. In addition to door glass, storefront panels and windows, we efficiently replace glass display cases, custom shelving, and similar specialty items such as:

  • Tabletops and other furnishings
  • Sliding glass partitions in waiting rooms
  • Glass panels in community facilities like work-out areas, indoor pools, and banquet rooms
  • Sneeze guards and custom mirrors

Vetting Requirements

Many commercial properties, such as schools and municipal buildings require an extensive vetting process for vendor approval. Our office personnel streamline vetting processes by managing all of the paperwork and submissions required. Glass repair specialists conduct glass replacements that meet or exceed the heightened compliance standards that are typical for public owned facilities. In addition, we’ll ensure that yearly renewals are always up-to-date.

Cost-saving Strategies

We understand that no two businesses operate in the same manner, and rarely are two commercial buildings identical in structure. Our experts are ready to create customized solutions for your commercial property designed to reduce your operational costs and improve building security, including:

  • Professional account set-up that features preventative maintenance and simplified billing and costs allocation
  • Glass tinting that reduces damages to merchandise or changes in temperature resulting from direct sunlight
  • Laminates that improve glass safety, rather than breaking into millions of shards, laminated glass breaks into chucks to reduce possible risks
  • Double-pane and insulated glass units (IGUs) that reduce heat transference and climate controlled air seepage
  • Priority emergency commercial glass repair scheduling
  • Auto glass repair discounts for residents of the property
  • Discounted labor and material costs

Contact Glass Doctor of Regina to arrange for your personal business consultation and discover the benefits of having a professional glass vendor partnership, today.