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Glass Tabletops & Custom Shelving

A room’s style is largely defined by the furniture within it. Your tables are often centerpieces of your room’s design-if a single tabletop looks worn or drab, then the entire room’s design will be negatively affected. One of the best ways to ensure that all of your tables look great is to invest in one of the custom glass tabletops that Glass Doctor® of Regina offers you.

Why You Need Custom Glass Tabletops

A glass tabletop is the perfect addition to any table. This is because it offers a unique combination of utilitarian and style benefits that no other piece of décor can create for your table. This is thanks to the following capabilities:

Extended durability

A glass tabletop serves as a very tangible layer between your table and the outside world. This will prevent your table from undergoing damage caused by normal wear and tear. What’s more, this protection extends beyond scratches and dings. UV light from the sun will wear a table down over time, causing it to fade and peel. A glass tabletop can be tinted to protect against this type of damage.

Enhanced beauty

The sleek, glossy appearance of a glass tabletop will instantly improve your table’s appearance. This ensures that it accentuates your room’s design. You can also use custom glass tabletops to restore worn tables. This is because glass tabletops can hide visible wear and tear.


A custom glass tabletop can be used to upgrade any table. This includes the following

  • Kitchen tables
  • Writing tables
  • Conference room tables
  • Antique tables
  • Coffee tables
  • Office desks

Your Custom Glass Tabletop Options

When you get a custom glass tabletop from Glass Doctor of Regina, the size of your tabletop won’t be the only feature that is customized. To ensure that your custom glass tabletop truly fits your needs, you will also get to choose from the following features:

Tinted glass

Having your glass tinted gives you more style options. This also provides your table with added protection, since tinting blocks out harmful UV rays that cause your table to fade, crack and peel.

Tempered safety glass

Using tempered glass will enhance the safety of a room that has a glass tabletop. This is because tempered glass shatters into smaller, less harmful pieces, reducing the likelihood of injury or property damage if your glass is broken.

Graphic of different glass edges

Glass edgework detail

The edgework detail of your custom glass tabletop ensures that you get a look that truly suits your style. Our glass specialists will show you a myriad of edgework detail designs, so that you can choose the one that will truly make your custom glass tabletop a breathtaking piece to behold.

Glass color

Your glass tabletop doesn’t have to be clear. We will give you an entire rainbow of color options to choose from, so that your glass tabletop will seamlessly fit your room’s design.

Glass thickness

The thickness of your custom glass tabletop will affect its style and safety. Our glass specialists will go over all of your thickness options with you, so that you can ensure that your glass tabletop is not too heavy for your table.

Upgrade Your Room’s Style with a Custom Glass Tabletop

A custom glass tabletop will help you perfect your interior design. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.