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Door Closer Repair Service

The first object your customers confront is your business door. You want to ensure guests can easily open the door and that it works properly. In addition to custom glass products, emergency glass repair and glass installation services, Glass Doctor® of Regina also repairs and maintains door closers so you, your staff and customers can safely operate your commercial doors.

Function of Door Closers

Manual door closers provide a convenient option for customers because customers are able to easily open them without having to close the door themselves. If a door closer is installed correctly, the customer feels some resistance when opening the door, but then the door smoothly opens. Once the customer stops applying pressure, a spring inside the door closer causes the door to close slowly.

Door Closer Repair

Businesses may need to repair their closers for a variety of reasons, including:

Incorrect Closer

The heavier a door is, the stronger the closer must be. Additionally, the spring must be strong. Incorrect closers can cause the door to shut too quickly, be misaligned and damage the closer or door.

Improperly Installed Closers

Our glass experts use the highest industry standards to maximize the lifespan of door closers and to ensure closers remain in good working condition. At times, a specialist may need to adjust the closer's spring in order to prevent damage to the doorframe, misalignments or unexpected door movements.

Seal Repairs and Low Oil Levels

The door's seal may break, causing hardware to be exposed and lubricant to leak. Oil leaks occur when a closer is missing a screw, a seal fails or an O-ring is broken. Our glass specialists replace door oil to ensure the door does not open or close too quickly, which can cause a safety risk to your customers.

Difficulty Locking

If a door is hard to lock, it has the potential to affect your doorframe, closer and locking mechanism. Our glass experts assess the problem and remedy all security risks.

Door Closer Maintenance Services

Many door closers include manufacturer warranties. However, these warranties often become voided if the business has an untrained person attempt to make repairs. Glass Doctor of Regina specialists are professionally trained to install, repair and maintain all door components, including closers. Our special maintenance program ensures all components stay in good working condition and are safe to all who use them. Additionally, our glass specialists assist with other commercial door components, including hardware, hinges and door frames. We also repair and replace all types of window and glass panes. Contact a specialist at Glass Doctor of Regina to inquire about our door closer repair services.