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Custom Glass Solutions

Giving your home a refreshing new look is as simple as great glass decor. Glass Doctor® of Regina experts have the knowledge to bring your vision to life with classic or custom home glass decor. We create custom panes for doors, tabletops, mirrors and shelves. When you’re planning your home makeover, let us show you ways to make your space look great while protecting other interior investments.

Glass Tabletops and Shelves

Old furniture doesn’t have to be an eyesore, and you need not break the budget with replacement pieces. Glass tabletops, custom fit to your existing tables and surfaces, add a touch of modern interest to any room. Ask our team to create overlays for your heirloom pieces. Glass Doctor of Regina specialists will give you professional guidance every step of the way. Different edge detail, tints and thicknesses provide a wide variety of options to give your glass decor the perfect look.

Protecting your furniture and your family is a top priority for our teams. We’ll help you decide what glass type you need to protect from furniture fading UV rays. And we’ll walk you through options for laminated or tempered glass to make sure your glass decor looks great but doesn’t pose a risk to kids and pets in case of breakage.

Custom Mirrors

Small or dark spaces are frustrating to renovate. Custom mirrors not only look great, but are an excellent way to bring light into underlit areas. Our experts will show you how mirrors enhance your home.

Patio and French Doors

Restoration or replacement of broken patio or French doors is simple with our expert assistance. Upgrades your entryway will make your home more welcoming to guests. We recommend homeowners add matching side windows. Glass Doctor of Regina partners with a variety of vendors to provide an array of quality options:

  • Sliding blinds in double-pane window units
  • Matching side and main decorative glass
  • Regulation all-weather glass
  • Glass that improves energy efficiency
  • Laminated glass built to withstand a hurricane

Low-E Glass Windows

As part of your home’s makeover, protect your interior with low-emissivity (Low-E) windows. These panes stop glare and harsh UV rays from entering your home. The thin metallic coating minimally reduces visible light, so you only lose the overpowering rays. These windowpanes are made to protect interior carpets and colors from sun damage. Low-E windows keep energy costs down by controlling climate exchange. These panes are the best option for homeowners who hope to extend the longevity of interior pieces and climate control systems.

Call Glass Doctor of Regina today to schedule your glass decor consultation. We'll make your home decor vision a reality!