Windshield Repair and Replacement

Windshields can become damaged in many ways - a hailstorm, a pebble kicked up on the highway, or maybe even a tree branch falling directly on it. When these or any other accidents cause a chip, crack or break in your windshield, take action and consult a qualified professional at Glass Doctor® of Ramsey.

Some kind of auto glass corrective action will be necessary, whether it is windshield repair or total windshield replacement. Once the structural integrity of the windshield has been compromised, so has the safety of your passengers and yourself.

windsheild repair

Auto Glass Repair vs. Replacement

There are several significant differences between repairing and replacing auto glass. If the break in the windshield is smaller than a silver dollar, it can be repaired without fear of further damage. However, if the damage occurs directly in the driver's line of vision, your windshield may need to be replaced.

If a small chip is left untreated, there is a good chance it will spread across your windshield, resulting in a full windshield replacement. It is much less expensive to treat a small chip before it worsens, and for that reason insurance companies prefer this course of action. When a repair is not possible, Glass Doctor of Ramsey will perform a full windshield replacement.

The damaged windshield will be removed, and then the surface will be thoroughly cleaned. A strong bonding agent will be applied around the frame for maximum adhesion with the new windshield. The entire process is performed according to guidelines set forth by the Auto Glass Safety Council™. Once the adhesive has cured, which takes approximately one hour; your windshield will be as good as new.  

Don't Delay Corrective Action

A vehicle's windshield supplies much of its structural integrity during any kind of accident, and when it is not fully intact, the vehicle is simply less safe than it should be. Whatever kind of damage your windshield has incurred, contact Glass Doctor of Ramsey as soon as possible, and discuss with the experts the most appropriate course of action.