Auto Glass Care

Glass Doctor® of Ramsey in Paramus fixes your auto glass in no time at all! In addition to repairing your damaged windshield, our auto glass repair specialists also replace rear window glass, sunroofs, side windows and mirrors. 

Windshield Care

It's easy to convince yourself the crack in your windshield isn't something you need to worry about, but the truth of the matter is that the longer you drive around with a damaged windshield, the greater the risk of more damage to your vehicle or injury to passengers. The windshield is an important part of your vehicle's safety system; it provides 45% of your structural durability in a front end collision and 60% in a roll over accident. There really isn't any reason you should delay the auto glass repair process. In many cases, your insurance company will pay for the repairs; we'll even handle the paperwork for you!

Auto Glass Replacement

Glass Doctor of Ramsey in Paramus has the best auto glass specialists in the business. Not only do we perform top quality repair work on damaged windshields, we also have the training and tools needed to make sure all the technology found in your windshield continues to function. Every single day we repair windshields with built in:

  • Temperature sensors
  • Radio antennas
  • Precipitation detectors
  • Humidity sensors

If the amount of damage your windshield has sustained is to great for a repair, our specialists will replace the entire pane. Our team has a strict policy about only using manufacture approved parts and high quality industry approved adhesives. The Auto Glass Safety Council™ (AGSC) has created rigid standards for auto glass repair; we comply with every guideline.

Tempered Glass and Auto Glass Repair

Many of today's vehicles have several panes of tempered glass. This type of glass breaks into small pieces rather than jagged shards if you get into an accident, reducing the odds of you getting any lacerations. The nature of tempered glass makes it impossible to repair. If the tempered glass in your vehicle is struck, it will splinter or burst, leaving you no choice but to replace it.

The Glass Doctor of Ramsey in Paramus specialists provide expert consultation and an accurate price estimate for replacing your glass. We work with major insurance carriers, allowing us to help you through the repair and replacement process! Schedule an appointment today!