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Clear Choice Protectant

Even the hardiest materials aren't immune to the wear from the environment and regular use. When you ask Glass Doctor® of Tulare County specialists to apply Clear Choice™ glass protectant to various surface, the beauty of your pieces are preserved.

Protect Your Investment

Although your hard surfaces can seem indestructible, they are susceptible to damage. Cleaners, abuse, regular use and the environment will all wear your glass, stone and tile surfaces down. It's important to treat these assets with as much care as you would any other valuable object you own. To this end, a single treatment with Clear Choice will give your hard surface the protection it needs for up to five years.

Benefits of Clear Choice

Easier Cleaning

Clear Choice is an ultra-smooth, low-friction barrier that sits atop your hard surface. Because of these traits, Clear Choice makes it much easier to clean your hard surfaces. You will be able to wipe away dirt, grime and dust with ease.

Stain Protection

An unprotected surface is susceptible to staining. Clear Choice shields your pieces, eliminating the possibility of your hard surface being stained.

Enhanced Scratch Resistance

Although they're less likely to break, crack, crumble or chip, hard surfaces are extremely venerable to scratches. Even a surface as tough as granite will get scratches from nothing more than regular use. When your hard surface has received a Clear Choice protectant treatment, countless scratches will be prevented.

Improved Contaminant Resistance

Contaminants regularly interact with your hard surfaces. Even elements like water, which seem to be harmless, can stain and damage your surfaces. Clear Choice serves as a barrier between your beautiful hard surface and a would-be contaminant.

Extended Protection

Clear Choice isn't a temporary cover-up. It is a lasting source of protection that will keep your hard surfaces safe for up to five years.

Safeguard Every Surface Today

When you make an investment in the Clear Choice protectant, you are ensuring the beauty and functionality of your glass, granite and tile surfaces. Contact Glass Doctor of Tulare County today to get your treatment.