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Clear Choice Protectant

Clear Choice™ is an excellent shield for a multitude of surfaces in your home. Every room in the house will benefit when you invest in an application of Clear Choice treatment. Use it on tile, glass, granite and porcelain for easy-to-clean surfaces that resist scratches and stains. Glass Doctor® of Pittsburgh is your source for Clear Choice. Let our glass experts help you keep your surfaces effortlessly beautiful.

The Clear Choice Difference

Clear Choice battles mildew and soap scum as well as scratches and impacts. The shield created by environmentally safe chemicals works to repel water and oil from your surfaces. Rather than allow damaging minerals, harsh chemical cleaners and other pollutants to attach or eat away at various materials, it effectively keeps them at bay. The shield also prevents marring and degradation that happens over time.

Protect Your Investment

Home upkeep takes effort. Adding a coat of Clear Choice surface and glass treatment not only minimizes the back-breaking work of daily cleaning, but also protects your investments from mineral deposits, pollutants and weathering. Hard water, daily use and carelessness can damage surfaces over time. Clear Choice works by creating a scratch-, water- and stain-resistant barrier between your surfaces and damaging elements. The high-tech shield also allows for easy cleaning, and one application lasts up to five years. Use Clear Choice on:

  • Windows
  • Sinks
  • Shower doors
  • Countertops
  • Toilets

Benefits of Clear Choice

Glass Doctor of Pittsburgh knows that Clear Choice is an excellent tool for restoring, protecting and maintaining surfaces. As a water and oil repellent, Clear Choice:

  • Lessens cleanings
  • Reduces the presence mold and bacteria
  • Prevents stains and scratches
  • Adds impact resistance
  • Protects from hard water etching
  • Creates glossier surfaces
  • Is environmentally friendly

Keep your surfaces looking their best with Clear Choice surface and glass treatment. Contact the team at Glass Doctor of Pittsburgh to schedule your appointment today.