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Storefront Doors

At Glass Doctor® of Phoenix, we specialize in creating and maintaining glass storefronts that look accessible, inviting and modern. Your storefront glass should attract new customers and stay spotless for years to come, and our specialists have the experience and materials to do just that.

If you own a store in Tempe, Mesa, Scottsdale, Peoria or the surrounding area, your business benefits from Arizona's year-round abundance of sunshine. Natural lighting is a great way to illuminate your indoor spaces and reduce your reliance on electrical lighting, and storefront glass allows you to maximize this natural resource. Glass Doctor of Phoenix will help you maintain your storefront doors and repair them when necessary.

Storefront Door Options

One door doesn't fit all storefronts. At Glass Doctor of Phoenix, we specialize in customized installations that accommodate your decorative and practical needs. We'll retrofit your existing doorframes with stylish decorative glass that matches your architecture style, or customize your storefront doors by etching your name, logo and operating hours into the glass itself.

Our job isn't finished when your door glass is installed. We know that maintenance makes a huge difference in keeping your doors functional and your glass intact, so we offer a variety of programs and services that allow us to keep track of your glass installations and step in when you need an improvement. In addition to replacing, repairing and retrofitting any existing storefront door glass, our specialists will help perfect and maintain your sliding, revolving or swinging door components. Schedule a free consultation to learn more about your door glass, doorframe and door closer care options.

Extra Security Options

Glass doors and windows make your storefront more inviting and fill your indoor space with natural lighting. However, if your glass is flimsy and unprotected, it will also invite unwanted risks, such as vandalism, theft and weather damage. At Glass Doctor of Phoenix, our specialists are trained to protect your storefront with high-quality protective options. Choose from a variety of safety glass and glazes, security films and other protective glass options.

If you need safety glass that will protect your valuable products and personnel, choose from our inventory of tempered, fireproof and bulletproof door glass. These sturdy glass options are engineered to withstand extreme impact without breaking into sharp shards. We also offer tear-resistant security film that keeps the glass intact, even when it does break. Security film is a great way to deter criminals and prevent the safety hazards associated with broken glass. 

24-Hour Emergency Repair Specialists

If your storefront glass breaks in the middle of the night or during a weekend or holiday, just call us to schedule an emergency repair service. Our on-call specialists will come to your site as soon as possible to clean up the broken glass, repair the damaged door or window, and schedule a replacement on your terms.