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Security Film

Glass adds contemporary appeal to your commercial buildings, but it also serves important everyday functions. Its transparency allows light to illuminate your interior spaces and gives you a clear view of the world beyond your window. It's durability provides protection from crime and seals out temperature extremes due to adverse weather. These benefits increase when Glass Doctor® of Phoenix enhances your glass panes with window film.

A Layer of Protection from the Sun

Tinted film uses color to improve the functionality of your commercial windows. It minimizes internal/external heat exchanges and reduces the heat impact of the sun’s glare. This barrier action improves interior comfort levels. As you require less energy to heat and cool your building, it reduces energy costs.

Tinting darkens windows to increase privacy and it protects building interiors from ultraviolet rays that fade fabrics and furnishings over time. As we guide your choice of the right functional tinting for you, we comply with state laws and regulations that set guidelines for visible light transmission and commercial window tinting.

A Layer of Safety

Glass is beautiful, but it can be dangerous when unforeseeable circumstances break your windows and release damaging shards into the air. While our security film doesn't protect you from catastrophic damage caused by high winds or wind-blown debris, it reinforces your windows with shatter resistance that prevents injuries and damage associated many broken glass incidents. Window film from Glass Doctor of Phoenix accomplishes this by bonding with glass to hold broken pieces together instead of allowing them to explode into a shower of damaging shards.

A Layer of Security

Window film is a thin layer that’s tough enough to be your first layer of defense against intruders. When bonded to your commercial windows, it’s a security film that makes glass a challenge to penetrate. Criminals walk away as it’s not easy to smash your window or door glass and enter your business quickly. When vandals select your windows as the perfect backdrop for graffiti, removing their works of art is time-consuming and costly. Security film makes graffiti manageable by making it easy to remove. You eliminate graffiti by simply removing and replacing the film.

Add a Layer of Functional Beauty

Window films perform important safety and security tasks, but they also cater to your sense of style. Decorative window films transform your windows with texture and details that coordinate with your existing decor or let you upgrade to a new look.

Redirecting film is a functional layer that controls the way natural light enters your building. It disperses light beyond room perimeters and into your workspaces. This action allows light to illuminate your decor, showcase your style, and increase worker productivity. It lowers your energy costs by reducing your need for artificial lighting.

Learn More about Window Film

Contact Glass Doctor of Phoenix when you’re ready to learn more about window films and how they work hard to protect your business. Call us at 888-516-8133 to schedule a consultation or you fill out our contact form to schedule your appointment today.

*Each state has its own laws and regulations for windows’ visible light transmission (VLT) and commercial window tinting. Glass Doctor window tinting and security film materials do not protect against damage from high winds or wind-borne debris.