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Custom Mirrors

If you are looking for ways to brighten up your home, consider custom mirrors. Although mirrors are effective in almost any room, they are a particularly excellent choice for small, dimly-lit spaces. At Glass Doctor of Phoenix, we will create you a mirror with your unique needs in mind, offering you numerous options for tint, cut, edging and frame. Our specialists will even provide you with inspiration and determine the optimal placement for your mirror.

Custom Made Mirrors

Increase Sense of Depth

A cramped room will immediately feel larger and more comfortable with the addition of a mirror. Options include framed mirrors positioned to reflect ceiling or walls and floor-to-ceiling mirrors, ideal for hallways and narrow areas. You can also create a sense of space in your kitchen by using a mirrored backsplash.

Highlight Decor

With strategic placing, we can use mirrors to draw attention to your most prized possessions, artwork, collectibles or decor. Such mirrors may be framed, hung above a mantelpiece or bookcase, placed opposite a painting, or even used to form shelves to show off objects from all angles.

Improve Light

Reflect sunlight around a room by hanging custom mirrors or installing mirrored tabletops to reduce your reliance on artificial light. Alternatively, a mounted mirror behind a lamp or lantern will better distribute light during the evenings or within a room that has few or no windows.

Custom Mirrors As Art

If your walls are looking bare, turn a mirrors into a piece of art. They will look stunning and be useful, especially if you opt for a full-length mirror. The best choices for this purpose include mirrors in elaborate frames and mirrored wall in the bedroom or living room.

Find out how custom mirrors will benefit your home. Contact us at Glass Doctor of Phoenix for your free in-home consultation.