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Auto Glass Care

Damaged auto glass is more than an eyesore; it's a major safety hazard, putting you, your passengers and your belongings in danger. Glass Doctor® of Phoenix offers auto glass repair and replacement services for all types of vehicles and glass products, ensuring that you'll never have to worry about broken glass for long.

Windshield Repair and Replacement

Besides protecting you from dust and debris during ordinary conditions, windshields also provide your car with valuable structural support. If you experience a front-end collision, your car will rely on the windshield for 45% of its structural integrity; in rollover accidents, the windshield will provide 60%. It is thus crucial that you have all windshield damage fixed as soon as it appears. Small cracks and chips can usually be fixed without installing a new windshield. Such repairs take no more than an hour and are covered under most auto insurance plans, so there's no reason not to fix even the smallest damages immediately. Our team will even fill out your insurance forms for you!

When the damage is too great for auto glass repair, Glass Doctor of Phoenix will replace your windshield with a new one. We follow the Auto Glass Safety Council's™ (AGSC) guidelines to the letter, selecting only the best adhesives and obeying council-approved installation procedures. We make sure the new windshield matches the quality of the one installed by the car's original manufacturer. We also make suggestions for upgrading your windshield with new technologies, including radio antennas, temperature gauges and rain and humidity sensors.

Auto Glass Repair and Replacement

Auto manufacturers are increasingly outfitting their cars with tempered glass, which is designed to break into blunt, harmless pieces when shattered. This decreases the risk of passenger injury, but it also makes auto glass repair impossible, so even minor damages will require you to replace tempered glass products. The most common car parts made of tempered glass are quarter glasses, passenger windows, back windshields and sunroofs.

If you're unsure whether auto glass repair is an option, our team is happy to provide consultations. We'll examine your vehicle, assess the extent of the damages and the type of glass used and provide an accurate estimate for auto glass repair costs. We accept most insurance plans, and will do everything in our power to repair your vehicle as quickly and effectively as possible.

Pursuing Full Protection

Every new windshield we install comes with the G12® Windshield Road Hazard Guarantee, a 12-month warranty offering free auto glass repair and replacement services. For further protection, consider buying our G12 Value Package. This plan offers all the same protections as the Road Hazard Guarantee but also covers labor costs, a new pair of windshield wipers and a free coat of Clear Choice™ glass treatment.

Designed to preserve your windshield, Clear Choice is a resin that repels debris, pollutants and all other road hazards. It prevents stains and scratches and reduces weathering in all conditions, extending the life and functionality of your windshield.

For the best auto glass repair and replacement services, contact Glass Doctor of Phoenix today or schedule an appointment online!