Glass Table Tops & Shelving

If you are looking to breathe new life into your Philadelphia office or home, opt for custom glass decor made and installed by Glass Doctor® of Eastern Pennsylvania. Glass table tops are ideal for all types of furniture because they protect antiques and add style to a basic piece. We offer customers the option of adding glass shelves to improve the storage capacity of space. Plus, glass decor simplifies cleaning, so homeowners spend more time enjoying their new additions rather than regularly cleaning them.

Choose Custom Glass Table Tops

Graphic of different glass edges

It can be difficult to find the exact dimensions to fit your table. When you ask Glass Doctor of Eastern Pennsylvania to design a custom glass table top, we will go beyond meeting your size requirements. Our specialists will cut a design that complements your decor and architecture, asking for your input on the glass type and thickness, edgework, tint and other characteristics. We strive to deliver pieces perfectly suited for your home, so your input is vital.

Specialty Glass

In addition to dining room tables, writing desks, and conference room furniture, we offer solutions for outdoor glass table tops. Patio tables and poolside furniture require safety glass to prevent accidents. The tempered and laminated glass is less likely to break. If the glass is damaged, it will break into large pieces, rather than shatter, to reduce the risk of injury. We also offer UV tinting to prevent fading to furniture beneath the table top. This type of glass is ideal for outdoor tables as well as indoor pieces like coffee tables in sunny spots.

Custom Shelving

Complement your glass table top with glass shelves, ideal for either the home or office. Unlike store-bought shelves, we will create pieces that match your style and fit your belongings. Our specialists will even install shelves in the best layout to take advantage of space without crowding your walls. As with our custom table tops, you will have the chance to choose the type and color of the glass.

Contact us at Glass Doctor of Eastern Pennsylvania to start designing your custom glass table tops or shelves. If you are unsure as to what would best improve your home, take advantage of a free in-home consultation.