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Eastern Pennsylvania

Emergency Home Glass Repair & Replacement

When you discover a broken window the best course of action is picking up the phone and calling Glass Doctor® of Eastern Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. Our emergency glass repair services are designed to reverse the damage done to the glass and restore the security of your home.

Emergency Glass Repair in Philadelphia

Our team will adjust our repair process according to the type of glass and extent of damage. Whenever possible, we try to patch the glass right away. Once we have finished, the patch is so well blended; it will be difficult for anyone to tell the window was ever damaged. We will also handle the removal of the broken glass shards so you don't have to worry about injuries or how to dispose of the debris.

If the damage is too extensive for repair, we will board up the damaged area until the replacement can be installed. Before ordering a matching pane, we discuss the various improvement options available. Philadelphia homeowners may use the opportunity to upgrade their window or door glass to a more efficient pane.

No matter the degree of damage, we guarantee a satisfactory experience. The sooner you contact us about our emergency glass repair services, the better!