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Eastern Pennsylvania

Double Pane Windows

Your home is your sanctuary. It offers a haven of peace and comfort throughout the seasons, protecting you from winter’s harsh blasts and the baking summer heat. Yet, while you are resting in the climate controlled interior, your windows are bearing the brunt of those temperature extremes. Exposure, which damages the seals around your windows, causes drafts that increase your energy bills and shorten the lifespan of your heating and air conditioner unit.

The experts at Glass Doctor® of Eastern Pennsylvania in Philadelphia understand the importance of having energy efficient windows and offer a variety of insulated glass units (IGUs) designed to eliminate energy transference. Over time, double pane window seals become susceptible to small breakages, costing homeowners hundreds of dollars in wasted utility charges each year.

Superior Window Protection

double pane window

Turn to Glass Doctor of Eastern Pennsylvania for window replacement and installation. We repair and replace triple and double pane windows, which includes repairs to an insulated spacer situated between the panes. Spacers are designed to reduce heat flow and prevent condensation. If you’ve noticed discoloration or moisture in or around your double pane windows, it is a sign that the seals are not working properly.

Our team is also familiar with low emissivity (Low-E) glass, which inhibits ultraviolet (UV) rays and reflects heat energy. Protective coatings prevent your windows from turning your home into a greenhouse in the summer, while keeping it snug and warm during Philadelphia winters. Top-of-the-line sealants block condensation and hold in gas insulators used in some units.

Professional Advantage

Glass Doctor of Eastern Pennsylvania is able to assist you with finding the correct window that will save you money on your energy bills. With specialists who perform every kind of window repair, replacement and emergency service, including door glass and window component repair, you gain peace of mind about your home’s glass care.

With a variety of professional services and special offers, installing insulated glass units in your existing window frames onsite is easy and affordable, and it will save you money for years to come. For more information about insulated glass replacement, contact the experts at Glass Doctor of Eastern Pennsylvania in Philadelphia today.

Keep the frame, replace the glass.