Clear Choice Protectant

It can be a struggle to keep any bathroom spotless. Most people rely on frequent scrubbing and strong chemicals; however, Clear Choice surface treatment from Glass Doctor® of Eastern Pennsylvania is a better solution. This protectant will shield tile and porcelain from stains and scratches for up to five years, allowing you to simply wipe surfaces clean. You will never again need to suffer backbreaking work to make your bathroom shine.

How Our Surface Cleaner Works

Clear Choice creates a barrier against water- and oil-based substances, preventing a buildup of waste products, soap scum and environmental pollutants, which may otherwise cause damage over time. Our surface treatment is the best option for new and old installations. It will keep a new feature looking its best longer and restore the finish of an older piece. Glass Doctor of Eastern Pennsylvania specialists will apply the product to your countertops, sinks and other features in the home you want to protect.

Advantages of Clear Choice

The benefits of Clear Choice go beyond making materials like granite and glass easier to clean. Our patented surface treatment also prevents mold and bacteria growth. This feature reduces your reliance on harsh cleaning products, which is better for your health and the environment. Clear Choice adds a glossy sheen to surfaces while forming a barrier made to resist scratches and etching caused by mineral deposits, weathering and pollutants.

We recommend an application of Clear Choice after we install a new shower door or tub enclosure, but the product is ideal for applying to any existing features in your home. To find out more and to receive your free in-home consultation, contact the Glass Doctor of Eastern Pennsylvania team.