Advance Measurement System

When formulated your disaster recovery plans for your Philadelphia home or business, glass repair should be a top priority. Broken glass can be very dangerous and should be repaired or replaced as soon as possible. That's why the Glass Doctor® of Eastern Pennsylvania offers the Advance Measurement system. Our glass recovery experts offer the best proactive glass care services available, so no matter when glass breaks you are prepared.

Quick and Easy Repairs

Our specialists are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We begin your care by surveying the facility and taking painstaking measurements of all the glass structures. We note every pane in a diagram of your facility. Report the glass that needs to be repaired and one of our experts will come to your house with the correct set of tools and supplies. Because we know the kind of glass you have beforehand, we'll repair or replace the glass immediately. If we don't have the glass in stock, we will board up the area, make sure it's safe and order the correct glass.

Benefits of the System

Our proactive glass care program saves commercial customers a considerable amount of money, time and hassle. Your glass can be repaired in just one trip. Our repairs won't disrupt your business during business hours. The program will also reduce your liability and prevent potential theft or damage.

We recommend owners consider opting into our In-Stock program, which ensures we always have the glass you need at our shop. You will pre-pay for panes, which will be stored at our facility until you need them. This safeguards against the possibility we run out of the panes you need or you require specialty glass.

Prepare you business with our assistance. Start the process today; contact Glass Doctor of Eastern Pennsylvania.