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Peoria & Bloomington IL

Industry Glass Solutions

Glass Doctor® offers repair, replacement, emergency service, remodeling door closer maintenance and upgrades to all local businesses. Enjoy our Commercial Care program, which gives participants priority after-hours response, discounted emergency board-up services, commercial account setup, membership pricing on all work performed, and a 15% discount on auto glass jobs called in by the property. Our local teams are available 24/7 to ensure your business never suffers from broken panes.

Commercial Glass Care for Every Industry

Apartments and Condominiums

Glass Doctor of Peoria & Bloomington IL offers a wide variety of glass care services to owners and managers of apartments and condominiums. We repair and replace the windows and doors in your residential properties, and offer specialty glass products for your onsite facilities as well. As an added bonus, residents receive 15% off all auto glass repairs that are called in by the property.

apartment windows


Our specialists are well versed in the repair, replacement and installation of plate glass windows, glass tabletops and other industry specific glass products for restaurants. Enhance the ambiance of your restaurant's interior with custom glass partitions, or inquire about specialty glass to improve your food service areas.

Schools and Universities

The specialists at Glass Doctor of Peoria & Bloomington IL will address all of your school glass needs. Replace classroom windows and glass doors to increase energy efficiency. We will improve the functionality of your science lab with custom products or add specialized display cases to show-off your school's achievements. With a wide variety of specialty glass options and protective glass coatings, you can boost the safety of classrooms, offices and onsite residential areas, as well.

Retail Establishments

Our experienced glass specialists offer custom storefront solutions to enhance the appearance of your retail establishment and make your store more attractive and welcoming for customers. With an array of custom display case and glass shelving options, your store will be more unique and functional.

Hotels and Motels

Create a relaxing and comfortable overnight stay for all of your guests with decorative mirrors, custom shower doors and energy efficient windows that eliminate draftiness. We offer a variety of specialty products to enhance your workout areas and locker rooms as well. Bullet-resistant glass will help keep your employees safe, or opt for fire-resistant glass to keep disaster from spreading.

Cities and Municipalities

Keep your city building operating smoothly with commercial glass care from Glass Doctor of Peoria & Bloomington IL. Our industry specific solutions include energy efficient, low maintenance windows and glass doors that reduce your energy and maintenance costs, customized entryway solutions that feature specialty glass like fire-resistant or bullet resistant inserts and much more.

Professional Commercial Glass Care

For more information about our commercial glass care services and industry specific solutions, contact the specialists at Glass Doctor if Peoria & Bloomington today.