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Peoria & Bloomington IL

Emergency Home Glass Repair & Replacement

A broken window in your home is an emergency that can't wait. It’s a dangerous safety issue that puts your home, family and possessions at risk. The experts at Glass Doctor® of Peoria & Bloomington understand you need us when it's convenient for you, which is why we offer 24 hour emergency repair, seven days a week. If you’re a homeowner in Peoria and Bloomington we are there for you whenever you need us to keep your home safe and secure!

24 Hour Emergency Repair Response, Every Day

At Glass Doctor of Peoria & Bloomington we’re always ready to respond to your call. We believe that no one should have to sleep through the night in an unsafe home. That’s why when you give our emergency response team a call we’re on the way, quickly!

Our team of experts arrives equipped to board up and secure your home. Our specialists are professionally trained to make the necessary repairs quickly to prevent any further damage to your property. We not only board up and secure your home, but we also sweep the area to remove any broken shards of glass, pieces of frame or other debris that could pose a safety hazard for your family. After your home is safe, secure and clean we’ll schedule a time for our team to come back and make final repairs.

Professional Glass Repair and Replacement

Our customers in Peoria and Bloomington know that we will always work with you to achieve an affordable solution. If you’ve suffered minor damage, the specialists at Glass Doctor of Peoria & Bloomington will repair your glass whenever possible; we put fresh panes in your existing frames. If the damage is severe and repair isn’t an option, we offer expert replacement service and a wide selection of affordable and beautiful designs to meet all of your needs. At Glass Doctor of Peoria & Bloomington customer satisfaction is our number one priority. We pride ourselves on offering the homeowner only the highest quality in customer-focused service!

When you have a glass emergency, don’t delay! Call the experts at Glass Doctor of Peoria & Bloomington!