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Peoria & Bloomington IL

Custom Glass Solutions

Glass home decor instantly brightens your home, adding visual interest and beauty no matter what your style. It makes an impact on your home’s appearance without the time and expense of larger renovation projects. Specialists at Glass Doctor® of Peoria & Bloomington make your glass home improvement projects easy. Our experts will help you choose the right glass for your needs and preferences.

We offer a wide variety of home decor products, including standard and customized mirrors, tabletops, cabinetry and shelves. We replace glass in patio and French doors, too. Whether you’re interested in a door or window that helps cut down on the sun’s damaging UV rays or a custom mirror to lighten and brighten your family room, our trained staff is ready to help.

Glass Tabletops and Shelves

Glass tabletops are available in a wide array of shapes, sizes and thicknesses and can be completed with custom-finished edges. We offer a variety of customization options to address your specific concerns.

Tinted or coated glass helps protect furniture from the sun's ultraviolet rays.

Tempered or laminated glass is an option that offers extra safety in case of breakage, a particularly important consideration if you have children. Plus, our specialists will make sure that your table or shelving unit will safely support the weight of your new glass before we place your order.

Custom Mirrors

Custom mirrors enhance any room, giving the illusion of added space and reflecting light that brightens your home. Our products don’t just include your standard idea of a mirror. We also offer full-mirrored walls, cut-to-fit picture frames, shelving and full-length closet and closet door mirrors.

custom mirror

Patio and French Doors

Upgrading entryway and back doors adds beauty and value to your home. New glass installation quickly transforms basic doors into a centerpiece of the home.

Whether your doors are older and have damaged or unattractive glass or you’d simply like a more attractive option, Glass Doctor of Peoria & Bloomington offers a variety of products to improve your home:

  • Upgraded doorlites, complete with a 20-year prorated warranty and non-yellowing frames
  • Decorative glass and matching side window panes
  • Double-pane windows with sliding blinds
  • Energy-efficient glass
  • Laminated glass

Low-E Glass Windows

This specialized reflective glass helps protect your home decor and furnishings from the sun’s damaging ultraviolet light. It shields interior items, such as carpets, draperies, and other belongings, from fading. Low-emissivity (Low-E) glass also increases your home’s comfort and reduces your energy costs through superior installation. It allows sunlight into your home without all of the accompanying heat and glare.

Why choose Glass Doctor of Peoria & Bloomington?

Whatever home decor project you choose, Glass Doctor of Peoria & Bloomington offers every customer the following:

  • Our specialists are trained and experienced.
  • We’re available at your convenience.
  • We offer upfront pricing and no overtime charges, so you’ll never face an unexpected cost.
  • We treat you and your home with respect. Our uniformed service specialists wipe their feet on our special mats and wear shoe covers inside your home. We’ll clean up all of our glass and other debris before we leave.
  • Our workmanship is guaranteed.
  • You’ll save even more money with our special offers.

Contact us to schedule an appointment today, and we’ll help you get started on your custom glass projects!