Clear Choice Protectant

Restore the luster to your home's surfaces with Clear Choice™ glass treatment. Clear Choice creates an ultra-smooth barrier which adds a glossy shine to the surfaces it protects. Glass Doctor® of Peoria & Bloomington exclusively offer the treatment to home and business owners in the area. We recommend shielding your delicate surfaces with the treatment, which ultimately prolongs the life of the piece.

Glass Treatment that Protects

Clear Choice is a patented application that bonds directly with your silica-based surfaces, creating an ultra-thin barrier between your beautiful bathroom fixtures and the elements that damage them over time. The solution shields surfaces from scratches and stains. The treatment makes the piece water- and oil-resistant, so cleaning becomes easier, too. A single treatment of Clear Choice protects your surfaces for up to five years from these common bathroom problems, such as:

  • Hard water etching
  • Mineral deposits
  • Environmental pollutants
  • Weathering
  • Stains, scratches and dings

Health and Cleaning Benefits of Clear Choice

Adding Clear Choice to your furnishings will allow you to relax in your home rather than constantly clean your porcelain, tile and glass. The ability to resist water and oil means soap scum and other build-up doesn't stick to your surfaces as easily. Treated surfaces require little maintenance, so you needn't buy chemical cleaners to free your home of grime. Clear Choice fills in the porous material, reducing the scratches and crevices where mildew and mold can grow. Our solution makes your bathroom shine while cutting down the number of pathogens in your home.

Set a Consultation

Use Clear Choice on surfaces throughout your home, business or care. It's applied to vehicle windshields to protect your glass and keep your view clear even in bad weather. Wherever you have glass, tile or porcelain surfaces in your home, protecting these pieces with Clear Choice gives you a clear advantage. Glass Doctor of Peoria & Bloomington specialists are happy to conduct an in-home consultation to determine all the areas where you could benefit from Clear Choice glass treatment. Contact us to make an appointment to have our specialists restore the luster to your bathroom and home today.