Clear Choice Protectant

Protecting the investments you've made in your living and working spaces guards your pocketbook against recurring expenses. The granite, porcelain and glass items in your home and office provide stunning accents, but also require frequent cleaning to maintain their luster. Glass Doctor® of Pensacola performs custom applications of Clear Choice™ protectant, our innovated glass treatment for use on silica-based products. We deliver effective solutions for preserving your expensive investments and for reducing the amount of time you have to spend cleaning them.

Clear Choice is a professional glass treatment that lasts for up to five years. The one-time application creates an invisible barrier that seals the surface of a variety of items in your home or office. The high-tech shield resists minor abrasions and scratches and generates an extremely smooth finish that repels dirt, dust and liquids. It reduces your cleaning tasks and protects granite, porcelain and glass items, keeping them looking newer, longer.

Kitchen and Bath Applications

Many of the surfaces in your bath and kitchen areas are silica-based. These items, although they appear very smooth, are very porous. Water, oils, and other liquids easily penetrate countertops, tiles, and glass, and have the power to create lasting stains that mar the appearance. Likewise, the porous nature of these items fosters bacterial growth, which means that constant cleaning is required to prevent mold and mildew.

Clear Choice creates delivers superior protection for the surfaces where you live and work. Apply it to countertops, floors and windows, as well as mirrors, tubs and glass shelves. Because it will not damage the material, it also works on delicate mosaics and antiques. Applications prevent:

  • Dirt build-up on outdoor furniture
  • Hard water stains and mineral deposits
  • Acidic discoloration from certain fruits and vegetables
  • Mold and mildew formation
  • Salt etching and similar damage from environmental pollutants

Windshields and Windows

As part of our comprehensive auto glass care service, we perform glass treatment applications that fortify the windshield and windows in your vehicle. Clear Choice glass protectant generates an invisible shield that prevents surface scratches and keeps abrasive pollutants from ruining the clarity of your auto glass. The barrier lasts for up to five years and is impervious to water and other liquids. Rainwater quickly beads up and channels away from your line of sight, improving driver visibility for increased safety.

Use Clear Choice on the windows in your home and office. The barrier is designed to fortify glass surfaces, making them harder to damage. Perfect for glass partitions, storefronts, and double pane windows, our innovative formula strengthens the surface, allowing it to resist small projectiles and flying debris. Our experts conduct applications according to your schedule and outline the costs for your approval before performing the work.

Contact Glass Doctor of Pensacola to schedule your free home or business consultation, and learn how a specific glass treatment can save you both time and money.