Industry Glass Solutions

Glass Doctor® of Pascagoula, MS provides solutions for industry to marry the old with the new in unique ways through creative use of glass. Make commercial glass repair part of your plans to reimagine your image or refresh your decor. Our Commercial Care program makes commercial glass repair easy with benefits like priority repairs, commercial account setup and specialty pricing and more. Our industry glass specialists will assist you with everything from simple repairs to full remodels for your business.

Keep Glass in Good Repair with Our Care

Apartments and Condominiums

Living communities need to provide a sense of comfort to residents. Upgrading windows and glass doors in your units will increase energy efficiency and brighten the look of your units. Interior glass, such as bathroom mirrors and enclosures, provide a beautiful addition to make residents feel pampered. Glass Doctor of Pascagoula, MS extends auto glass repair discounts to residents of Commercial Care member properties.

apartment windows


Ambiance is key to a great dining experience. Wow your guests with beautifully crafted atriums and outdoor windbreaks for waiting areas and patios. Direct light to highlight your artwork or bar display with custom glass shelving and mirrors. Turn tables faster with easy to clean, gorgeous custom glass tabletops. Glass Doctor of Pascagoula, MS experts will walk you through all the options to create a beautiful and functional space sure to please your guests and staff alike.

Schools and Universities

Commercial glass repair and care is especially important in learning environments. Glass Doctor of Pascagoula, MS provides creative solutions to all your educational glass needs. Create safe and exciting laboratories and class rooms with specialized safety and one-way glass. Design delightful displays with glass or mirrored shelving to show off awards and achievements. Refresh dorms, locker rooms and rest rooms with durable, safe and vibrant mirrors and bathroom enclosures. Use glass to make your space as brilliant as your students.


Cutting costs without sacrificing your image is a key to staying competitive in the retail market. Glass Doctor of Pascagoula, MS offers a variety of creative solutions to help retailers save money. Save on energy costs with low-emmisivity glass windows or tints that cut down on heating and cooling costs, while protecting your inventory from damaging UV rays. Redesign your displays to better showcase your inventory with glass shelving, mirrors and cases. Increase your security with fire-resistant and bulletproof glass that still looks great.

Hotels and Motels

Give your guests a sense of class and luxury with glass additions to your rooms and common areas. Decorative mirrors in rooms provides a touch of elegance as well as a way for guests to make sure they’re ready to go out on the town. Beautiful bathroom enclosures create a sense of being pampered. Well-designed safety glass and mirrors in your gym or pool provide a great focal point and sense of space. Glass Doctor of Pascagoula, MS will help you create spaces that keep guests coming back.

Cities and Municipalities

Going green can help local government agencies balance the bottom line. Glass Doctor of Pascagoula, MS will conserve energy and maintenance costs in your building with the addition of energy efficient glass and pane repairs. Safety and fire-rated glass increases security and reduces the likelihood of damage. Commercial Care programs help streamline billing and purchase orders to save you time and money.

Contact Glass Doctor of Pascagoula, MS today to set up a commercial glass care plan that fits your business.