Double Pane Windows

If your double pane windows have a faulty or broken seals, which are evident by a milky appearance or condensation under the panes, leakage of controlled air can make the environment of your home uncomfortable. It can also cost you a fortune in lost climate control. Many people struggle with trying to justify the cost of new windows compared to choosing to have existing windows repaired. However, fresh double pane windows come with many benefits, which include trouble-free operation, low maintenance, fewer drafts and energy savings. Glass Doctor® of Pascagoula, MS can provide you with new insulating glass units (IGU) that will help you better regulate the interior environment of your home and save you money.

Benefits of New Double Pane Windows

Most insulated glass units consist of a minimum of two panes that have an insulating spacer, which separates each pane, and creates a seal between the space. Glass manufacturers typically seal this space with either desiccant, a material that absorbs moisture, or a warm-edge glass spacer technology, such as a super spacer. A high-grade sealant applied around the perimeter of the entire unit prevents condensation infiltration between the panes. To provide additional insulation between the two panes, some double pane window manufacturers inject argon or krypton gas into the airspace.

Insulated Pane Replacement

double pane window

Glass Doctor of Pascagoula, MS has a team of experts who specializes in double pane window services. One of the great characteristics of double pane window units is that you do not have to replace both the glass and frame. Our glass experts can install insulated glass replacements in your existing window units at a more economical cost than what you would expect.

Upgrade to High Efficiency Glass

Many homeowners in the Pascagoula area have discovered that simply changing out their old insulated windows to new low-emissivity (Low- E) units is very cost-effective solution. According to the National Association of the Realtors, homeowners can recoup as much as 80% of the cost of new windows in the form of increased home valuation, and they only need to install average-quality vinyl windows.

Whether you want to replace damaged insulated glass panes or have new double pane windows install in your home, contact Glass Doctor of Pascagoula, MS for quick and professional service.

Keep the frame, replace the glass.