Door Closer Repair Service

Improper maintenance or installation of your commercial entry doors can pose significant risks to the security of your building. Ensure the safety of all of your customers and products when you opt for professional door closer care and services from the specialists at Glass Doctor® of Pascagoula, MS.

How Door Closers Work

Manual door closers enhance the ability for customers and clients to enter or exit your business safely. When a manual door closer is properly installed and functioning correctly, guests will notice a slight resistance as they open the door, followed by a smooth, gliding motion. Once the individual passes through the doorway and releases pressure on the door, a specially designed spring in the door closer gently forces the mechanism to close the door without further interaction from the user. Not only do users avoid worrying about manually closing the door behind them, they are protected from abrupt door movements, as well.

Door Closer Maintenance and Repair

In order for manual door closers to function properly, they must be correctly installed, adjusted and maintained. The specialists at Glass Doctor of Pascagoula, MS are well versed in all aspects of door closer care.

Proper installation and adjustment: To maximize the lifespan of manual door closers and associated components, proper installation and adjustment is essential. The specialists at Glass Doctor of Pascagoula, MS offer professional door closer installations to help prevent:

  • Damage to door frames
  • Abnormal or unexpected movements
  • Misalignments that interfere with proper closing

Closers and component care: Proper maintenance and ongoing door closer care play a vital role in the safety and functionality of your commercial doors. Broken seals expose hardware, create gaps that leave your business vulnerable, and may even cause lubricant leaks. Oil leaks, which are also caused by factors like missing screws or broken O-rings, cause doors to open too quickly or slam closed. Abrupt door movements could cause injury to your customers or employees. Malfunctioning door closers can also make it difficult for a commercial door to lock properly, which poses a security risk to your business

Professional Door Closer Care Services

Don't void the warranty of your commercial door closer by allowing an untrained individual to attempt repairs or maintenance. Our highly trained specialists offer professional installation, maintenance and repair of manual door closers to ensure your commercial doors remain safe and in optimal working condition without posing a threat to your warranty. Contact Glass Doctor of Pascagoula, MS today to learn more, and be sure to ask about the additional commercial window and door services we offer.