National Accounts Program

When your company is a multi-location business, you need to streamline the commercial glass care services you receive as much as possible while knowing that each location receives expert attention. That’s why Glass Doctor® of Panama City has a National Account program to ensure that you receive consistent, outstanding service at every one of your sites exactly when you need it. We are part of a network of glass repair shops that stretch across the U.S. and Canada, so no matter how widespread your businesses are we have Glass Doctor specialists who will respond to your needs quickly. Your billing and other information will be consolidated to make it easy and efficient for you.

Glass Doctor National Account Benefits

  • Substantial savings: National Accounts customers will receive a 10% to 30% discount on our regular prices for products and services.
  • Standardized pricing: Your multi-location businesses will pay the same rate for the same services no matter where they’re located. This means that you’ll receive a fair, upfront price at every location without the worry of increased pricing for metro areas or more out-of-the-way locations.
  • Ease of use: You’ll be able to contact all of our locations for commercial glass care using just one toll-free number and billing address. You’ll also have the choice of calling in or emailing work requests, so you can choose the option that you prefer.
  • Convenient information and updates: You’ll be able to access information about your work requests, seeing the actual invoices and other important updates for each of your businesses. This will help you track work progress and know the status of every one of your work orders and your account at all times.
  • Priority response: Glass Doctor of Panama City understands the importance of securing your business and restoring its safety as soon as possible in an emergency. We know that you need to have your businesses operating smoothly and without interruption. As a National Accounts customer, you’ll receive priority service.
  • After-hours services: Not every emergency occurs during regular business hours, so we’re ready to respond when you need us. Our mobile units will arrive with the supplies needed to repair your windows or doors. If a repair isn’t possible, we’ll arrive ready to board up the damaged area to restore security and safety to your business until a permanent replacement is made.

Glass Doctor of Panama City specialists, as well as our experts in other areas where you have locations, will quickly and expertly repair or replace glass at your various business locations. We’ll also assist you with other commercial glass care, including upgrades for doors, windows, glass décor, and more. Contact Glass Doctor of Panama City today to begin reaping all the benefits of a National Account.