Clear Choice Protectant

Keep the surfaces in your bathroom shiny and easy to clean for years with a professional application of Clear ChoiceTM by Glass Doctor® of Oxford, MI. This innovative surface treatment protects silica-based vanity counters, sinks and windows alike. It also works to preserve glass shower enclosures, bathtubs, toilets and more. When you choose Clear Choice, you'll enjoy quick bathroom cleanup and glossy surfaces without the need to scrub or expose your family to cleaning chemicals.

Protect Your Home Improvement Investment

Your bathroom represents an investment and gives your high-end home style when it's clean and glowing. Clear Choice surface treatment ensures the room stays spotless and maintains its brand new appearance. Applied by your Glass Doctor of Oxford, MI, specialist, protection lasts up to five years. This advanced polymer renders glass, porcelain, granite and tile resistant to:

  • Ugly stains from hard water
  • Crusty mineral deposits
  • Destructive chemical contaminants
  • Years of wear and tear
  • Daily impacts from grooming tools and bath decor

Enjoy the Clear Choice Advantages

Your bathroom takes a beating with heavy use every day. Preserve all the fine finishes and shining surfaces with Clear Choice glass and surface treatment. There's no need to work hard to keep your countertops glossy and pristine when Clear Choice can do it for you. With this glass protectant, your surfaces become oil and water resistant, putting up a force field that:

  • Repels dirt, dust and debris for easier, less frequent cleaning
  • Discourages unhealthy or invasive mold
  • Protects against odorous bacteria accumulation
  • Reduces weathering and scratches from normal usage
  • Prevents hard water buildup and etching
  • Reduces exposure to environmental chemicals

Maintaining a beautiful bathroom is simple when you rely on the specialists at Glass Doctor of Oxford, MI. When we install your new sliding shower doors or glass surfaces, ask about protection with Clear Choice. With one application, your bathroom keeps its new look for years. Contact us today.