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Clear Choice Protectant

Don't let soap scum, stains and grime ruin your beautiful home. Keep every feature and pane as attractive as the day it was installed without exposing your pieces to harsh cleaners. Glass Doctor® of Oklahoma City exclusively

offers Clear Choice™ protectant to our clients. This glass treatment creates a protective layer against water and oils, preventing deposits from sticking to surfaces and becoming difficult to remove.

How to Use Clear Choice

Our specialists will apply the glass treatment to any tile, porcelain and granite surface in your home. With a single application, your countertops, shower doors, windows, sinks and toilet will be protected for up to five years. Surfaces will be safe from stains, scratches, and dirt buildup from hard water, environmental pollutants, soap, mineral deposits and more.

Select the Best

Clear Choice improves the appearance of your home, making surfaces easier to clean and adding a glossy sheen to help features shine. The treatment is not only eco-friendly, it also prevents the growth mold and bacteria and reduces your reliance on harsh chemicals.

If you’ve installed a new feature in your home, now is the time protect it from damage. Contact us at Glass Doctor of Oklahoma City for more information about our surface treatment and how you can enhance the aesthetics of your home while reducing cleaning needs. Talk to one of our specialists about arranging a free in-home consultation to discuss how Clear Choice will benefit you.