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Clear Choice Protectant

Your home's surfaces are designed to be used. This does not mean that they should be damaged while you are trying to use them. You should be able to enjoy the quality and beauty of your fixtures for a long time; Glass Doctor® of Novi, MI offers the Clear Choice™ glass protectant, which actively protects your home's surfaces from damage.

Protect Your Investment

Your home's countertops and other surfaces are valuable assets for your daily utility and style. To maintain these benefits, they need to be protected. Clear Choice glass protectant is professionally applied by one of our experts. A single application protects your home's valued surfaces from a variety of problems.

Harsh chemicals

Normally, harsh chemicals you use to clean your home's countertops and windows damage the surface that they are supposed to clean. Clear Choice repels these harmful chemicals. This repellent feature also makes it easier to clean your surfaces, since oil and water will no longer seep into your surfaces.

Wear and Tear

As you use your home's surfaces, abrasive materials will inevitably scrape against them. This will normally result in scratches that mar the beauty and utility of the surface. Clear Choice acts as a first line of defense against scratches and wear and tear, so that your home's surfaces will be beautiful for longer.


Clear Choice prevents hard water and minerals from affecting your home's surfaces. This protection ensures that deep, impossible to clean stains will not seep into your countertops and tiles.

Benefits of Clear Choice

Capability and Convenience

Clear Choice allows you to fully enjoy your home's surfaces with less effort and worry. Fewer damage and greater stain resistance mean that you can use your surfaces more comfortably and clean with less effort.


A single application of the Clear Choice glass treatment will protect your home's surfaces for up to five years. Because Clear Choice bears the brunt of the wear, it extends the lifespan of the surface that it is applied to for up to five years.


Although Clear Choice is known as the premiere glass protectant solution, it is versatile enough to provide the same quality protection to a variety of surfaces:

  • Granite
  • Glass
  • Porcelain

Contact us and ask about any other surfaces that you can use the Clear Choice protectant for.

Start Protecting Your Home's Surfaces Today!

Each surface in your home was an investment. You deserve to gain the full benefit of each of these surfaces; Clear Choice provides you with the protection you need. Call our specialists at Glass Doctor of Novi, MI for a free in-home consultation.