Windshield Care During Summer

Windshield Repair Specialist performing a repair

Beware of windshield damage this summer. Many cars, trucks and SUVs suffer from preventable windshield damage expansion. The opposing forces of the strong summer sun heating the outside of a windshield and the blasting of cool air conditioning inside put already damaged car windshields under stress. The buildup of pressure causes many windshields with small chips to graduate to full-blown cracks.

For many car owners this results in an expensive and time-consuming full windshield replacement when a timely repair could have prevented the problem.

To help Glass Doctor® of North Vancouver customers avoid further damage this summer, we’ve created a list of top tips to help you keep your windshield safe:

Act Now!

  • The quicker you get your chips repaired the less time they have to turn into cracks. A quick windshield repair takes less than an hour; often we can accommodate same-day appointments, so click or call now!

Stick to the shade.

  • Direct sunlight heats your car and increases the pressure on your windshield. Park in the shade and leave your windows open a crack.

Who needs A/C?

  • Your air conditioning can contribute to damage done to your windshield. If you can’t get your chip repaired immediately try rolling down the windows until you can fit in an appointment.

Don’t slam your doors!

  • Slamming doors creates a sudden change in the pressure inside your car, which can cause chips and cracks to expand and get worse.

Cool before you wash.

  • Hosing cold water onto a hot windshield can cause further damage. Cool your car glass down in the shade or wait to the evening to wash when it’s cooler.

The only certain way to prevent further damage is to book a windshield chip repair appointment when damage first occurs. Call Glass Doctor of North Vancouver today at 604-929-7292 to chat to a member of our team or simply schedule your appointment online.