Spruce Up Your Home for the Upcoming Holiday Season

Cracked or cloudy windows are a spooktastic effect for Halloween. But, broken panes make for frightening energy bills as spine-chilling temperatures get closer. The experts at Glass Doctor® of North Vancouver perform the glass repair and maintenance you need to get rid of goosebumps this winter. Get ready for the rest of the holiday season with these great glass ideas.

Save Money With Glass Repair

Winter winds add up to heavy heating costs if your window panes or seals are cracked. Our experts provide an in-home consultation that will identify areas where you have air leakage around your windows. They’ll provide you with options to save you money, fit your budget, and beautify your home. Depending on where the air leaks are coming from, some possible options might be:

  • Simple glass repair - if it’s just a broken pane, most of the time we can do a simple glass repair that will have you air tight in no time
  • Window replacement - window frames wear and weather over time, it might be time for you to consider getting now windows to keep your home comfortable

Give Your Home a Facelift with Glass

Glass repair is only one of the ways the Glass Doctor team will show you for getting festive at this time of year. If window replacement is in the cards, consider upgrading to new Insulated Glass Units. Double or triple paned windows create a sleek look that takes advantage of new technology to keep your home comfortable. Insets and custom designed entry doors create a sense of elegance to welcome family and friends. 

Beyond windows, you can create a whole new look to the interior of your home as well. Brighten up all the rooms in your home with custom mirrors. Create interesting and functional areas in your living and work areas with custom designed shelving. Or give your dining and living rooms a glimmer with new glass tabletops for your holiday entertaining.

Keep Cleanup Easy

Last but not least, from Halloween to New Year, the rest of the year is going to be filled with celebration. Make cleaning up a snap by protecting your glass and silica based surfaces with Clear Choice™. A single application can protect your glass, tile, porcelain and more from scratches and dings. Plus the ultra-smooth surface simply wipes clean, saving you hours of time and energy.

Don’t let cracked panes give you the creepy crawlies. Focus on the fun of the holidays and let Glass Doctor of North Vancouver take the work out of winter.