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North Vancouver

Pane Improvements on a Large Scale

The end of summer is a great time for businesses to spruce up. As you look at the best way to spend that end of year budget, Glass Doctor® of North Vancouver invites you to check out the benefits of our variety of window tint options. Window tint is an inexpensive way to create a new look on your glass with different shades and reflectivity. Low-emissivity tints have the dual benefit of more comfortable spaces and lower bills. Whether you’re a multi-unit business like a hotel or office suite, or a retailer with lots of glass, discover the great ways window tint can work for you.

Upgrading Your Current Glass

Remodeling is expensive, especially if you have a lot of units. Glass Doctor of North Vancouver specialists install window tint films directly on existing glass to give you a lot of the same benefits as newer Low-E glass, without the expense of replacing all of your windows. Decorative films can even be applied on washroom and kitchen glass to add a splash of style and colour to your existing decor. Security film is used to create stronger glass that cuts down on loss due to vandalism, break-ins and weather.

New Installations

If it’s time for your business to get a full face lift, Low-E windows provides an excellent option for replacing old windows. This specialty glass has as metallic coating applied as part of the manufacturing process. It’s designed to block harmful UV rays and reduce light by about 10%. These special features make it ideal for keeping rooms comfortable and saving on heating and cooling costs.

Why You Will Benefit From Window Tint

In hotels, schools and office buildings, a primary drain on power is temperature control. Worse, even when the air conditioning and heat are on all the time, the HVAC often can’t keep up with the temperatures. Your guests, students and employees end up shivering in the winter and sweltering in the summer, making for unhappy reviews of your facilities. According to a study by JD Power and Associates, a comfortable room temperature is a top priority for guests.

Two top hotel chains discovered that there is a simple solution to keeping guests happy and saving money on energy costs. Simple window tint on guest room windows keeps room temperatures constant and reduced the energy costs. By blocking UV rays, our Low-E window tints stretch your budget even further. Your carpets, furniture and fixtures suffer less sun damage, keeping them newer looking longer.

It’s time to start looking forward to a new look for a new year. Give Glass Doctor of North Vancouver a call today to discover how window tints freshen up your space.