How Double Pane Windows Can Help With Your Allergies

Spring has officially sprung, and while most people are happy to see the return of fresh green plants and blooming flowers, for some people this means the return of allergies after a long winter break. If you're thinking of simply staying indoors to avoid your allergy aggravators altogether, make sure you're protected with the best windows for the job.

Double Pane Windows for Allergy Sufferers

When you invest in a high-quality double pane window upgrade from Glass Doctor® of North Vancouver, you'll be choosing the best windows to reduce allergen infiltration from outdoor triggers.

Stop Mould in Its Tracks

Insulated glass units (IGUs) have been shown to reduce mould growth, a common allergy trigger. Standard windows accumulate condensation on the interior side of the glass, and moisture is the first ingredient for mould and mildew inside the home. A double pane window prevents this condensation from forming by providing an insulating layer from outdoor temperatures. The interior pane remains the same temperature as your rooms so no condensation forms.

Keep Pollen Outside Where it Belongs

While pollen is necessary for healthy plant life, it's nothing but misery for allergy sufferers. Closing the windows might seem like the solution, but that isn't always enough to keep pollen out. If your windows are not adequately sealed, tiny pollen molecules will make their way indoors. Double pane windows offer the best seal and the best protection from outdoor allergy triggers.

Get the Best Protection

For the most sensitive sufferers, you'll want to make sure you have the highest quality double pane window units to keep allergens from getting indoors. If your windows are cracked, if the seals are damaged, or if your windows are old and deteriorating, they will not be able to keep you comfortable indoors. Let the specialists at Glass Doctor of North Vancouver repair or replace your double pane windows. In most cases, if we cannot make a complete repair, we will replace the glass and you keep your existing frames.

Free Consultation

To learn more about how double pane windows will keep you comfortable this allergy season, set up a time to speak with one of our glass specialists. We'll give you all the information you need along with a no-obligation quote for materials and installations before you make a purchase. Call or schedule an appointment online today.