Home Window Care During Winter

Winter is here, which means scheduling an inspection with one of our glass specialists ensures that your windows are in good condition during the winter season. your home for the dropping temperatures. Preparing your home for winter will not only help keep you and your family comfortable, doing so can also help to keep your heating costs down. The following are a number of ways that Glass Doctor® of North Vancouver will assist you as you prepare your home for winter:

Installing Double Pane Windows

Your windows have a bigger impact on your home's comfort and costs than you might think. A poorly sealed, single pane window is more likely to let cold air into the house while letting warm air escape. At Glass Doctor of North Vancouver, we will replace your old, inefficient windows with brand new double pane windows.

Our double pane windows will not only give your home's curb appeal a boost, they will also help to trap the heat your HVAC system produces inside your home and help keep cold air out. Double pane windows are incredibly energy efficient due to the air pocket that exists between the two panes. This air pocket reduces window conductivity, thereby contributing to a better insulated home.

Repairing Broken Seals

If the seals of your windows begin to fail, it can cause a number of problems. For one, condensation is more likely to build up between the glass. This will result in a foggy or dirty look that will hurt your home's curb appeal. Secondly, if your window seals fail, then cold air will be able to penetrate through the glass and into your home, creating a draft that can affect your home's comfort as well as your heating costs.

Here at Glass Doctor of North Vancouver, we will inspect your double pane windows for signs of seal stress. Our window glass repair specialists will replace any panes with broken seals.

Participate in Our Emergency Advantage Plan

By taking part in our Advantage Plan® program, you'll be able to take advantage of a number of services at discount prices. You'll be given priority scheduling to make scheduling window glass repair much more convenient. Additionally, you'll receive a 15 percent discount on all home repairs, free window inspections and a guarantee that we will repair or replace any glass that we originally installed.

Repairing or Replacing Your Windows

We will replace the entire window if needed, whether it's too damaged to repair or simply to inefficient to keep. We also have the ability to replace damaged glass without replacing the entire window.

Performing Window Maintenance

Schedule a regular inspection with one of our glass specialists to ensure that your windows are in good condition for the winter season.

These are five ways that we are able to assist you as you maintain your home during winter. For more information about our double glass pane windows or our window glass repair services, be sure to contact us at Glass Doctor of North Vancouver today.